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Our Programs

Leaps N’ Bounds is dedicated to the healthy educational and emotional development of young children. We have created four distinct classrooms for children between the ages of three months and five years old. We have designed our center with four distinct classrooms allowing Leaps N’ Bounds to offer the specialized attention to infant’s three to twelve months and more stimulating activities to young toddlers twelve months to twenty-four months, older toddlers 2 years to 3 years old and preschoolers 3 years to 5 years old.  Those programs are described below: 

Our teachers are:

  • Trained in Infant and Child CPR and First Aid

  • Certified in Administration of Medication

  • Degreed in early education some with CDA’s or with extensive experience in early childhood education

Father and Children

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Infant Program (three months to twelve months)

This program can accommodate up to eight infants and is geared towards the early development of children this age.  We believe infant to care giver interaction is the most important part of their development. 

All interactions are initiated with gentle, loving responses. There is emphasis on talking, singing and reading to our infants. We work with the individual needs of each child and they are kept on their own feeding and sleeping schedule. Most importantly the children are introduced to soft toys, blocks and push toys exercising their ability to build gross motor skills. Weather permitting; the children will spend time outdoors for fresh air. This classroom area will have a separate nap space where a crib and sheet will be provided for each child. These accommodations are complete with a working kitchen to aid in food and bottle preparation. 

Young Toddler Program (twelve to twenty-four months)

In line with above, this program will encourage caregiver interaction and peer interaction in a loving and supported way. A more formal schedule will be developed in this small group of eight children. This classroom area will have distinct centers for different activities. The children will be introduced to activities such as, art, water and sand table play, dress-up and play-dough. The schedule will include a morning and afternoon snack time and outdoor play each day, weather permitting. A napping cot and sheet will be available to each child. These accommodations are complete with a working kitchen for meal and snack preparation 

Older Toddler Program (2 years to 3 years)

Leaps N’ Bounds can accommodate up to eight toddlers. This program introduces a little more structure for our young children.  There will be a scheduled morning and afternoon snack, as well as a scheduled nap period. 

A napping cot will be provided for each child. This setting will offer even more diverse and divided play areas including, art, music, science, library, dramatic play, table toys and blocks. Children will participate in free play

as well as scheduled activities, which will enhance self-confidence, imagination, and development of social and self-help skills. Our staff will develop monthly calendars, which will display our weekly projects and seasonal themes.  Staff will work closely with children providing the necessary support to help them accomplish tasks independently.  We will play and learn outdoors every day weather permitting.    

Preschool Program (3 years to 5 years)

This program will accommodate up to sixteen preschoolers.  We understand the advance importance to learning through play and manipulation at this age.  This classroom area will provide separate centers with concentrated focus on a specific activity.  This room includes centers for art, music, science, library, dramatic play, table toys and blocks. We have a kitchen area which enable the teacher’s to do weekly cooking activities.

Again, informal schedules will be developed with a scheduled quiet time each day.  Weekly lesson plans will be developed in line with our weekly themes and seasonal activities. Our Preschoolers take a few field trips a year.  We will play and learn outdoors every day weather permitting.

Preschool is about preparing children so they succeed in Kindergarten. They need dressing up, playing outside, riding toys, finger painting, stories, rhyming, music, and so much more. Play is the work of childhood. Children need to play to develop socially, emotionally, physically and mentally. The challenge of preschool is to keep it joyful and playful, while still preparing children for the demands of Kindergarten.

Our reading/writing readiness program suits a wide range of children and adapts to their changing needs as they grow. We use many ideas from the "Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K" program. This program has won two of the most prestigous national awards: The Children's Curriculum Winner from the Association of Educational Publishers and the Teachers Choice Award. 

We use the Connecticut Framework Developmental Standards and Goals for Pre-K over the two years the children are in the room, to assess the developemental goals being reached by each child. These assesments are discussed in detail with parents at our Parent/Teacher conferences. We are constantly developing new ideas and content that make our whole curriculum a developmentally appropriate learning experience.

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